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“There are three questions I have always had as a parent for my son with special needs for a successful program.

One is can I trust the people caring for my son? The second does he enjoy going to the program? And third, is there effective communication?

Eric’s House answers a resounding yes to all of these questions.

We feel very lucky to have found a place Quinn loves.”

– Lynn Favorite

“We love Eric’s House! Whenever we go to pick up/drop our daughter off – we can see the staff like their jobs and it makes a world of difference since Maarya picks up on these positive vibes and really enjoys her time there. The communication between us and the staff is wonderful and we are very grateful to have a day program like this for our daughter!”

-Shaila Khan 

“Nathaniel has been attending Eric’s House since Feb of 2018. The program has been a wonderful experience for Nathaniel. The staff are amazing! They show respect and caring towards our young adults. Eric and Simran are very approachable. Nathaniel has a few medical issues that requires close monitoring, and we have not had one single problem.  I always recommend Eric’s House to families that are looking for a day program for their young adults. The way Eric’s house has handled the pandemic has been outstanding, I have never felt uneasy about sending Nathaniel during this time. Great program….Great staff!!”

– Sara Magdiak

“Eric’s House has changed our lives!! We reached out to Simran and Eric at a time of desperation. After graduating from high school, day program options were very limited, especially with our son’s unique combination of behavioral, physical and cognitive challenges. Upon discovering Erics House on Facebook, I reached out and was offered a tour. When would I like to come? (So easy, so accommodating, so flexible!! Not something I was used to after endless hours of searching and rejection). On a cold February day, in 2019, we were graciously welcomed to tour the gorgeous, modern facility and were blown away with what we saw! In every nook and cranny, young people were engaged in activities of their choosing. One young man was in a quiet room, just waking up from a nap; another was swinging in the open gym area, several clients were doing table tasks or walking on treadmills, and soon after we arrived the whole gang was gathering for music therapy. Staff and clients both,  were smiling, interactive, helpful and the whole atmosphere was calm, uplifting and harmonious. My husband and I drove away with tears in our eyes, we were 100% sold. Both Eric and Simran were confident they could manage our boy safely AND offer him a stimulating program with opportunities to socialize, learn new skills, and engage in safe, suitable public outings! It has been almost 2 years and sending our young adult to this program was the best decision we ever made. He is happy, looks forward to his day, knows that he is safe, his choices are respected and he is a valued member of a wonderfully diverse and incredible community. As parents, we are kept informed (love the FB posts and Instagram stories!!), we are involved and are confident that our special young man is always in good hands. He is no longer at risk for behaviorally regressing, becoming isolated or depressed. Finally! An incredible group of professional, young, business minded individuals who put the clients needs FIRST in their business plan. Eric’s House has successfully created and established a much needed resource for families like ours. They truly “get it”, and we are so glad, because people like us, need more people like them!! 

Say goodbye to boring, dirty, stale day programs and say “Hello” to the bright, cheerful, amazingly organized Eric’s House. .. and if you’re there for a visit or a tour, be sure to say “Hello” to Mitchell from his Mom! ❤️

– Carolyn Chappell Endruhn

“Amy has progressed exceptionally well at Eric’s House.  She will always have her quirks and challenges (as we all do) but, the way Eric’s House has handled and continues to handle those quirks has helped Amy mature.  Her moods are more consistent and she is happy to get up in the morning to go to work and is happy to see staff that she considers her friends.  We attribute this to the fact Eric’s House does not try to make her a conformist which never works with most people let alone those with disabilities but, instead, acknowledges those disabilities and enables those disabilities to become abilities.  We are convinced that her maturation levels are increasing because she is not treated as a child simply because she has challenges.  The results are clear and continuous.

Eric’s House also listens to families and works with families instead of also trying to make families conformists to the will of the program.  It makes life so much easier for everyone involved when families are actually heard since it is obvious that families will know the slightest nuances of their sons or daughters and can help achieve a successful experience for everyone.  It is our experience with Eric’s House that we can always find a solution together when one is necessary when both sides are willing to listen and work together to find those solutions rather than rigid approaches.

The changes in Amy at her program are obvious and valued.  It is so refreshing to experience management and leadership that truly leads and “truly’ believes in what they are doing.  The results of this leadership are reflected throughout the entire program from staff to participants and staff are outstanding people.  As a parent, I know the job is challenging as many jobs and workplaces are but, in my too many decades of life, I have never been taught so much about life by anyone as I have by a beautiful young woman that has never spoken a word.  It is called unconditional love.  I am grateful to have learned this lesson from my daughter and her peers.  These young men and women are a gift to all that are willing to learn about life and I am always excited to see them when I go there.  I know the staff feel the same as the positive attitudes are obvious and also valued and Amy loves you all.  It is always a pleasure to interact with staff, the positive energy has been apparent from day one.

The statement posted on the wall at the entrance near Simran’s office is not just posted for fluffy feel and marketing.  It is truly applied.  This is a program on its own level and cannot be compared to others since, out of decades of experience as a parent of a child (now a 31 year old adult) with disabilities, no other adult program can compare.”

– Cory Leavins

“Last year, even although it was a pandemic all of you at Eric’s house did a great job in making all your clients feel safe, active, and happy.

As parents , we really appreciate all your efforts and kindness esp to our son Javen. He loves going to Eric’s house everyday. The smile you put on his face is priceless.”

– Jun and Coleen Ison 

“I want to thank Eric’s House for staying open during this pandemic. It speaks to who they are: gracious and a larger than life response to difficult times! We have been clients of Eric’s House since 2015.  My quest for finding a social hub started because my son’s day program ( “ Out in the Community “ ) ironically was isolating and transient. I met Eric and his dream to build a place that doesn’t turn anyone away. His knowledge of the industry and it’s pitfalls was immense. He filled a void for these individuals located in the south. Eric let our son transition into these new surroundings. He spent the summers there, then two half days a week during the regular season, and then he became a full time client. I believe my son’s life is enriched because they provide a full day of interesting activities that give him a sense of accomplishment and stable healthy relationships. Eric and his staff make that happen!”

-Rita Benjamin

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